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Perfect brows



Microblading is a manual semi permanent technique creating hair like strokes, by inserting high quality pigment into the epidermis. The idea is to create hair like strokes for fuller looking brows. Natural results are achieved with a sharp and precise hand held tool. We use the "golden ratio" method to measure the right brow shape for your face and the pigment sits superficially in the skin to mimic the look of real hair. 

To achieve the perfect brows the procedure is created across two appointments; The initial treatment and the touch up appointment which is taken 4- 6 weeks after your first appointment. After your first treatment, the pigment will fade up to 50% and the eyebrows will shrink up to 10-15% and you may loose some hair strokes, therefore the touch up is recommended to make any final corrections. 

Microblading can last for 12- 18 months depending on your lifestyle and skin type. Clients with oily skin will get about 6-8 months before needing a color boost. Clients with dry to normal skin will need a color boost annually. 

  • Microblading is smudge proof, waterproof & sweat proof. 

  • Creates symmetry to sparse brows 

  • Perfect for no make up days 

  • Saves time & Money from constant eyebrow tinting

  • Microblading gives you a face lift and an instant youthful look 


When you arrive at your appointment you will be asked to fill in a short medical form along with a consultation with our Head Artist. 

Our Head Artist will talk to you in detail about what to expect during your appointment and how to care for your brows after your appointment. We will then proceed to measure your brows according to the "golden ratio" with a cosmetic pencil. Most of the appointment time is spent measuring your brows to ensure they are perfect for you. Once this is done and you are happy  with the drawn brow shape we will proceed to microblading.

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