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Brow Treatments

Combination brows combine the two techniques by using hairstrokes at the front portion of the eyebrows to create a realistic hair-like appearance In the sparse areas and then using shading toward the middle and end of the brows for a fuller and more defined look. This approach alms to achleve a balanced and natural-looking result, blending the precision of hairstrokes with the softness of shading

brows treatmet
Non invasive treatment

NON Invasive Brow Treatments

Henna brows, also known as brow henna or henna tinting, is a cosmetic procedure that involves using henna dye to color and shape the eyebrows. It's a popular technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, especially for individuals who want a natural and long-lasting alternative to traditional eyebrow makeup, such as eyebrow pencils or powders.

Eyelash treatment

Eyelash Treatments

Transform your lashes and elevate your natural beauty with our exquisite Luxe Eyelash Extensions services. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or dramatic allure, our expert technicians will craft stunning lashes that will leave you feeling confident and glamorous.

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