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Ombré Brow Shading vs. Henna Brows: What’s the Difference?

Over recent years, brows have become bigger than ever - both literally and figuratively. As a result, people have begun experimenting with various shapes and application methods in search of their perfect brows. We briefly explore which technique is best for you and when to take the leap of faith.

Tattooed brows are the latest craze, as they deliver long-lasting, fuller brows. Ombré brow shading and henna brows are among the most popular brow procedures, but what exactly is the difference between the two?

The Difference Between Ombré Brow Shading and Henna Brows

Ombré Shading (also known as powder brows) is a semi-permanent tattoo treatment performed using a rotary tattoo machine to implant very thin dots of medical-grade pigment into the skin. The result is a gently shaded eyebrow look that resembles the work of a brow pencil. At your appointment we customize the color of the pigment to match your eyebrow and hair color.

Henna brows, however, are a non-permanent, non invasive service that tints and stains the skin beneath your existing brows. After your initial consultation with you on color and shape, the henna is then applied and left to set for up to 15 minutes. The stain on the skin and eyebrow hair resembles that of the ombre effect however only lasts for up to 10 days on the skin and 6 weeks on the brow hairs.

Pros & Cons of Each Service

Ombré Brow Shading:

● Creates fuller, defined brows that last up to 3 years.

● Frames your face and less need for make up

● Free touch up included at 6-8 weeks.

Henna Eyebrows:

● Creates full brows that last up to 1 week.

● Tints eyebrow hairs for up to 6 weeks.

● Requires maintenance approximately every 6 weeks.

Which Should You Choose?

Now that we’ve established the differences between both treatments, you’re likely wondering which is the better choice. Well, that depends on you - your lifestyle, budget, and brow goals. Our henna brows tint is generally much cheaper than ombre brows; however, if longevity is a concern, henna brows may not be a worthy investment. If you’re still unsure about something semi permanent, why not try our henna brows. It’s a great service to see if ombre brows will suit you and 98% of our henna brow clients always convert to ombre shading.

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